Removing words from a string

I am trying to remove specific words from my string to have a clear output. Words are adding one by one in a loop:

text += ’ ’ + word

text looks like this for example:

start this is a sentence end
(need to remove start and end)

If guess you can add

if word in ["start", "end"]:

To skip the words you don’t want?

this could work but im generating the text so i need start and end as flags to understand it begins and ends. I want to remove them after i have a string like text = start this is a sentence end
so it will be more clear

If you’re doing this after the fact, you can use the regular python string builtin to replace a string with another: sentence.replace("start", "").
Or if you always want to remove the begining and end, you can do sentence[len("start"):-len("end")-1].

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Your first suggestion replaces every occurrence in the string with “”.

thanks, second solutions worked well