Request of mentorship

Hello there,

It’s no secret that PyTorch is the one of the most powerful and widely-used backbone of the lots of RnDs all over the world. For me it is also clear that some developers (and I am not an exception) has the time to invest in self-development and career boosting. One may dive into in kaggle-like competitions, writing their own frameworks or pet projects, etc. But as for me I’d love to contribute to PyTorch :slight_smile:

I’ve made a successful PR earlier and it contains improvements necessary for the one of my work projects, in some sense it was obvious what to do. Now I have an assumption on how to move forward with contributing: for example to find an open issue and try to resolve it, but that might not be an optimal way.

So I have an unusual question for this forum, could anyone mentor me in this path?


Congrats on your first PR! :tada:

I would recommend to check some issue from here, especially in the “usability/simple-fixes” category. However, looking at these issues, it seems these projects haven’t been updated in a while. :confused:

In that case, in which general area of PyTorch would you like to contribute to (frontend, backend, linalg, CUDA, usability etc.)?

Thanks for your advice on “usability/simple-fixes” issues, that might be very good place to start.

Answering your question, I’d say that I am interested in low level things like backend, linalg and CUDA. But I have more experience in Python than in cpp so it may be difficult to work on that

Since the previous link is a bit outdated, have a look at the enhancement and good first issue issues.
Once you find a suitable one, add a comment in the corresponding issue and say that you would like to implement/fix this issue. The code owner or someone else from the community can then support you through the PR. In case you get stuck in this process, feel free to ping me.

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