Running pytorch models in different processes

At inference time, or when doing hyper-parameter search, I would like to have multiple processes running one pytorch model each (independently from each others). I’m trying to achieve this on CPU. In the case of hyperparameter search for instance, I wrote some code to have a pool of processes trying different hyperparameters configurations at the same time. I experimented with pytorch and a basic scikit logreg:

  • When using the scikit logistic regression, there is a clear gain in using the multiprocessing pool. The time spent with one process is about twice the time using two processes.

  • However, when using pytorch models, there is no gain in using multiprocessing at all. In fact the more processes I use, the slower it becomes.

Therefore I was wondering: Could MKL be responsible of this behavior? Since the matrix operations are multi-threaded, could it be possible that multiple processes running MKL are competing too much with each others, reducing the efficiency of the training or inference ?

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if you want to have pytorch CPU models run in multiple processes, and see speedups, set the environment variables export MKL_NUM_THREADS=1; export OMP_NUM_THREADS=1 in your shell, before starting python. This will make sure that the multithreading pools in multiple process are disabled and hence dont fight with each other.