Segmentation fault when running during Yolov5 inference on raspberrypi 4

For context, I’m running 64-bit bullseye Raspberry OS on a Raspberry 4 in headless mode via realVNC connection. I have created a virtual environment where I have cloned the yolov5 repository and installed the requirements. After I run the on the images, I get a segmentation fault error that I am puzzled about. Can someone help?

" detect: weights=[‘’], source=/home/pi/yolov5/data/images, data=data/coco128.yaml, imgsz=[416, 416], conf_thres=0.25, iou_thres=0.45, max_det=1000, device=, view_img=True, save_txt=False, save_csv=False, save_conf=False, save_crop=False, nosave=False, classes=None, agnostic_nms=False, augment=False, visualize=False, update=False, project=runs/detect, name=exp, exist_ok=False, line_thickness=3, hide_labels=False, hide_conf=False, half=False, dnn=False, vid_stride=1
YOLOv5 :rocket: v7.0-227-ge4df1ec Python-3.9.2 torch-2.1.0 CPU

Fusing layers…
Segmentation fault"

That’s the error message.