Select Last Index Along Row

Suppose I have a tensor of some arbitrary, unknown length. Take for instance:

a = torch.randn(A, B, D)


b = torch.randn(A, B, C, D)

where A to D are arbitrary.

How do I index the tensor such that I get the last element of X, which is always the second to last index, producing two tensors of the remaining elements?

a_x = foo(a)
b_x = foo(b)

torch.allclose(a[:,:,X-1,:], a_x)
> True

torch.allclose(b[:,:,:,X-1,:], b_x)
> True

> torch.Size([A,B,D])

> torch.Size([A,B,C,D])

This should work to index the second to last dimension:

x[..., -2, :]

What ... will do? Any documentation regarding this? I have not found this kind of syntax…


This is an Ellipsis and can be used for indexing as shown here.

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