Self.class_to_ind: {'p': 4, 'o': 1, 'l': 2, 'y': 3}

The result I want is self. Class_to_ind: {‘polyp’: 0}.But the result of the output is the self. Class_to_ind: {’ p ', 4 ‘o’ : 1, ‘l’, 2, ‘y’ : 3}.Here’s my code.

Check your VOC_CLASSES, it should be ["polyp"], instead of "polyp".

thank you,Problem solved

Hi, I debugged my code.The above problem is solved, but a new problem appears: “RuntimeError: copy_if failed to synchronize: device-side assert triggered”.I’m pretty sure this problem is caused by num_class, so I don’t think VOC_CLASSES = ([“polyp”]) can be rewritten this way because it changes the category, right?What should I do?