not copying config files into d2go/configs directory

When running D2Go in Google Colab the file doesn’t copy the configs directory from the d2go folder into the d2go/d2go folder correctly, which leads to the following error when trying to load the model.

RuntimeError: <config path> not available in Model Zoo!

This error comes from the the get_config_file method that attempts to load the config file from the d2go/d2go/configs folder.

After adding some debug code the method I found out the the configs folder doesn’t exist after installing d2go but until now I was unable to find the cause of this error. I suspect that it’s caused by the file and the changes made in c12469c20a2b3c3d041253ba9903e04eecdc4c89 though.

Also the file from Detectron2 looks almost identical but there the copying of the configs is working without any issues.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Github issue: d2go #174