Should adding/removing layers to model which are not participating in forward pass affect training?

I have a Transformer model, where I have declared an additional module of patch_embedding(let’s call this patch_embedding_2) in init() of the model. The surprising thing I observe is even when not using patch_embedding_2 during forward pass, the training loss is different compared to when not declaring patch_embedding_2 inside init().
I think since patch_embedding_2 is not involved in forward pass it should also not involve in backpropagation and the training loss should be identical with/without adding patch_embedding_2 inside init().

def __init__(self, img_size=224, patch_size=16, stride_size=16, in_chans=3, num_classes=1000, embed_dim=768, depth=12,
306                  num_heads=12, mlp_ratio=4., qkv_bias=False, qk_scale=None, drop_rate=0., attn_drop_rate=0., camera=0, view=0,
307                  drop_path_rate=0., hybrid_backbone=None, norm_layer=nn.LayerNorm, local_feature=False, sie_xishu =1.0):
308         super().__init__()
309         self.num_classes = num_classes
310         self.num_features = self.embed_dim = embed_dim  # num_features for consistency with other models
311         self.local_feature = local_feature
312         if hybrid_backbone is not None:
313             self.patch_embed = HybridEmbed(
314                 hybrid_backbone, img_size=img_size, in_chans=in_chans, embed_dim=embed_dim)
315         else:
316             self.patch_embed = PatchEmbed_overlap(
317                 img_size=img_size, patch_size=patch_size, stride_size=stride_size, in_chans=in_chans,
318                 embed_dim=embed_dim)
319         ##patch_embed_2 is not involving in forward pass, just by its declation in __init__() the training loss is being altered which should not be the case accoring to my thinking
320         self.patch_embed_2 = PatchEmbed_overlap(
321             img_size=img_size, patch_size=patch_size, stride_size=stride_size, in_chans=in_chans,
322             embed_dim=embed_dim)

Yes, this should be the case since the module would not influence the calculation of other layers.

That’s not entirely the case, since your unused module could call into the pseudorandom number generator to initialize its parameters, which will thus change the other calls and will not yield the exact same results.
This topic shows some examples and discusses the effect in more detail.


Thanks for the explanation. Although I tried to declare the patch_embed_2 at last in init(), the training process is still being altered. This I guess is because after model declaration there might be some other part of code that uses pseudorandom number and declaring patch_embed_2 is changing the assigned random numbers for that part of the code.

If your model is stable enough, you should quickly see it descending it to previous good old loss as well. Can we re-init the weights ourselves to circumvent the PRNG behaviour’s?


Yes, this would be the case if you are e.g.:

  • using dropout layers (or any other layers with sample random numbers)
  • shuffle the dataset
  • apply random transformations etc.
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