Size on GPU in single forward pass compared to multiple

I noticed that if I do a single forward pass with batch size of 8 the memory used on GPU is around 20 GB and when I do 4 forward passes with batch size of 2, the memory used on GPU is 28 GB.

Essentially both runs have the same amount of data, so where is the memory difference coming from?
NOTE: I have cudnn set to disabled, in case that causes this?

Also, would you say these two methods of training would produce similar results?

Below is some dummy code to reproduce

Preliminary Code :

import torch
from torch import nn, optim
import as data_utils
import torchvision.models as models
from torch.backends import cudnn

cudnn.enabled = False
device = torch.device("cuda")

train_data = torch.randn(320, 3, 640, 640)
train_labels = torch.ones(320).long()

train = data_utils.TensorDataset(train_data, train_labels)
train_loader = data_utils.DataLoader(train, batch_size=8, shuffle=True, pin_memory=True)

criterion = nn.CrossEntropyLoss().cuda()

model = models.densenet161().cuda()
optimizer = optim.Adam(model.parameters(), lr=0.001)

Code for the case of multiple forward pass:

for x,y in train_loader:
    x, y ='cuda',non_blocking=True),'cuda',non_blocking=True)
    pred1 = model(x[:2,])
    loss1 = criterion(pred1, y[:2,])
    pred2 = model(x[2:4, ])
    loss2 = criterion(pred2, y[2:4,])
    pred3 = model(x[4:6, ])
    loss3 = criterion(pred3, y[4:6,])
    pred4 = model(x[6:8, ])
    loss4 = criterion(pred4, y[6:8,])
    loss = loss1 + loss2 + loss3 + loss4

Code for the case of single forward pass:

for x,y in train_loader:
    x, y ='cuda',non_blocking=True),'cuda',non_blocking=True)
    pred = model(x)
    loss1 = criterion(pred[:2,], y[:2,])
    loss2 = criterion(pred[2:4,], y[2:4,])
    loss3 = criterion(pred[4:6,], y[4:6])
    loss4 = criterion(pred[6:8,], y[6:8,])
    loss = loss1 + loss2 + loss3 + loss4

P.S I understand the loss calculation in the code with single forward pass is weird but my actual code has different losses for different parts of the output so I wanted to keep that similarity in case I am doing something wrong.

Is the memory really used or just in the cache?
Could you check the usage via torch.cuda.memory_allocated and torch.cuda.memory_cached?

If your model uses batch norm layers or other layers, which depend on the batch size, you won’t get the same results.
Also, in that case, the first approach might yield worse results, as a batch size of 2 might be too small to estimate the running stats properly.

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This is memory allocated.
Printing out the value of torch.cuda.memory_allocated confirms it.

Also, the problem is that the first approach is actually producing better results but its not scalable since it uses too much memory. I am using BatchNorm layers so yeah i get it that output would be different. Good point.