Slice notation and training

does using slice notation help or harm pytorch’s ability to train a model? if I use alot of slice notation in my model on my torch.Variables, am I shooting myself in the foot? I was under the impression that in python, when you make a slice of something then you are making a whole new copy. Is this the case in pytorch and does that mess things up?

It shouldn’t mess up anything. Do you see any issues using slicing?
If so, could you provide some examples or code if possible?

Also, since you mentioned Variables: Variables are deprecated since PyTorch 0.4.0, so you can just use torch.tensors now. :wink:

I have no issues. I’m working on a Module and it’s not training as I would like, so I’m speculating what the reason could possibly be. Thanks for your quick reply.

Maybe there are other bugs in the code?
If possible, you could create a new thread with your code so that we could have a look. :slight_smile:

I actually posted about my project here:

since that post I have changed the code some, but all in all my results are the same. Quite often my output is ‘I’ alone. If you would look at the post I would be most grateful.