[solved]How to apply BatchNorm to a part of features?

I am struggling with quantile regression with NN.
The input data shape(n_data, 308) and last dim(qunatile information) should not be normalized.
May I ask how to apply batch norm partially, except some of features?
Thanks to fs5ss1, I solved it, please refer to the code below:

class Net(nn.Module):
    def __init__(self):
    def build_model(self):
        self.short_cut = nn.Identity()
        self.linear1 = nn.Linear(308, 1101)
        self.bn1 = nn.BatchNorm1d(1100)
        self.leakyrelu = nn.LeakyReLU()
        self.linear2 = nn.Linear(1101, 308)
        self.bn2 = nn.BatchNorm1d(307)

        self.linear_mean_output = nn.Linear(308, 1)

    def forward(self, x):
        x_out = self.linear1(x)
        x_q = x_out[:, -1].contiguous().view([-1, 1])
        x_out = torch.cat([self.bn1(x_out[:,:-1]), x_q], axis=1)
        x_out = self.leakyrelu(x_out)
        x_out = self.linear2(x_out)
        x_out += self.short_cut(x)
        x_q = x_out[:, -1].contiguous().view([-1, 1])
        x_out = torch.cat([self.bn2(x_out[:,:-1]), x_q], axis=1)
        x_out = self.leakyrelu(x_out)
        x_out = self.linear_mean_output(x_out)
        return x_out

I think that you can do the follow in the training loop:

def forward(self, x):
    x1 = self.BatchNorm(x[:-1])
    x = torch.cat((x1, x[-1]), dim = 1)
    return x
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Wow! I will try it right away