[Solved] PyTorch Docs build failed in readthedocs.org

Actually, this is not a PyTorch’s question.

I was trying to translate PyTorch’s docs to Chinese(it’s rather popular in China which could be seen in google trends),
I copy docs from torch/docs and create a new repo, then I add torch and torchvision to requirements.txt. I build success on my computer by make html, I get the same Html as http://pytorch.org/docs/ . It also builds pass in readthedocs, but it seems something was wrong that it doesn’t look as I expect.

the project homepage of readthedocs: http://pytorch-zh.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
build log: https://readthedocs.org/projects/pytorch-zh/builds/5254356/

Do anyone know why. I am new to sphinx and readthedocs, it seems not the problem of pytorch.
after use some tricks, it finally works, though It’s not as nice http://pytorch.org/docs
I copy theme.css that built in my computer, and add it to _static/css, and modify conf.py to add it in html_context.css_file