Specify Outputs to Include in Loss Function

I was looking into a way to dynamically change the loss function of a net to only evaluate loss on my specified output nodes, and ignore the rest of the outputs of a network. Initially, I was planning on writing a custom loss function for calculating loss only on outputs that I specify, however it seems that the loss functions are all implemented in C to improve speed, etc. I can still go down this route but it would involve recompiling PyTorch, on every machine I want to train on with this customized loss function, and the whole things seems to be a lot of work. Would a better approach be to use some kind of tensor manipulation to achieve this same effect before putting my output and labels into a standard loss function? If so, how could I go about this?

You can .chunk() or .split() out the portion of the tensor you’re interested in calculating loss on. Post some code and we can dive deeper into suggested examples. Recompiling should not be necessary for your suggested use case.

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