Split segmentation mask into annotated areas

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is there an easy way in PyTorch to split an index mask tensor into multiple masks, each containing only one contiguous labeled area (e.g. [num_areas, H, W])?

Tensor [1, 512, 512] (Index Tensor containing 0 or 1) to a Tensor [6, 512, 512]. 6 is the amount of contiguous areas, which is not static. The colored areas are equal to 1 in my current Tensor:


Greetings, Mukeyii

Hi Kemal!

What you are looking for are the connected components (of an image,
rather than of a graph).

I do not believe that pytorch supplies a built-in connected-components
algorithm, but several pytorch connected-components implementations
appear to be available on the internet. (I haven’t tried any of them, so I
have no opinion as to which of them might work.)

You could also write your own pytorch implementation – doing so would
be a task, but relatively straightforward.

Or you could pre-process your segmentation masks with a non-pytorch
image-processing library that does have a connected-components


K. Frank

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