Splitting 3D tensor into multiple 3D tensors based on condition

I have a question about splititng a 3D tensor into multiple smaller 3D tensors.
I have a tensor of size Nx3x3 lets name it R. I want to split this Nx3x3 into 3 smaller tensors (so these smaller tensors would be of size Ax3x3, Bx3x3, Cx3x3 where A,B,C <= N)
The problem is i want to split it by the conditions
So basic flow goes like this
if (R[:, 2, 2] > 0)
do something…
else if (R[:, 1, 1] > 0)
do something…
do something
My problem is now that some 3x3 tensor can satisfy both the conditions (it can have [2][2] > 0 and [1][1] > 0). How can i remove the tensor that satisfies the first condition and second condition from tensors that satisfy only the second condition?