Surpringsly training despite not having requires_grad_()

I’d like to comment or ask about this issue that I realized yesterday. I was migrating a big script into a Class version of it, but by doing this I forgot to add that when training, the input tensor has to require grad (I usually do this by using inputTensor.requires_grad_()).

Despite this, the model managed to converge to the same error as it would converge with grad enabled on that input.

My question is then, why should I use requires_grad = True in the input vectors if by doing so it won’t change anything? Maybe I’m missing something?.

I checked if requires_grad was true by printing it. Obviously I make loss.backward(), optimizer.step() and optimizer.zero_grad().

Sorry if my question (and my english) is very basic. Thanks!

Your input doesn’t need to require gradients, if you just would like to train your model.
It might require gradients, if you would like to use the gradients in the input itself.
Some use cases could be e.g. to generate adversarial examples or visualize some activations in the input using the gradients.

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