Tensorboard API for PyTorch C++ frontend

I am using C++ frontend to train my networks. But it seems there is no way to log data for viewing in Tensorboard. Please let me know if there is such a thing, or link to some alternatives that I can directly use from c++.


You can use pybind 11 to call python libraries from C++ side.

Iā€™m using C++ frontend because I did not want to use python in my project. I think pybind is not way to go. Come on pytorch, I know, you can do better.

I have not tried this personally, but from browsing through the code (specifically the tests), it looks like this library should solve your issue: https://github.com/RustingSword/tensorboard_logger

Of course, this is not official PyTorch C++ frontend support for TensorBoard, but I am assuming that is not a hard requirement (in the short term).

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