Tensorboard Embedding visualizations

I was referring to demo code for embedding in pytorch. I am trying to create embedding of images for CIFAR 10, and unfortunately I am unable to so, my code block:

    dataiter = iter(testloader)
    img, lbl = dataiter.next()

    _out = net(Variable(img))
    _out = _out.data
    _, predicted = torch.max(_out,1)

    print('GroundTruth: ', ' '.join('%9s' % classes[lbl[j]] for j in range(9)))
    print('Predicted: ', ' '.join('%9s' % classes[predicted[j]]for j in range(9)))

    #make embeddings

    print("inputs: ",img.shape)
    print("outputs: ",_out.shape)
    print("targets: ",lbl.shape)

    writer.add_embedding(_out, metadata=lbl, label_img=img)

When I check the tensorboard, there is no logging. Kindly help me out.
Thanks in advance!

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