Tensorboard fails to plot model weights for all epochs during training

I am trying to plot the progression of my model’s weights during training using add_scalar, however, the tensorboard plot only shows the weights for any one epoch.

What I mean by this is, when I load tensorboard, I only see “epoch 0” in the scalars section even if I have run my model for 10 epochs. However, I dont have this issue while plotting histograms in the same code.

My code is as follows:

for epoch in total_epochs:
          train model
          calculate error
          calculate average loss
          for name,weight in model.named_parameters():
              SummaryWriter.add_histogram(name, weight, epoch)
              SummaryWriter.add_scalar(str(name), weight, epoch)

Here is an example of what I mean - imgur.com/a/l2ZL5da I trained the model for 10 epochs but tensorboard is only plotting the weights for epoch 0 and 1, whereas the histogram (not pictured) captures the progression for all 10 epochs.

Not sure why this is happening