Tensorboard stops showing embeddings

Hi, just yesterday everything was all right, but today launching tensorboard do my computer too slow, so I reboot it and after it, tensorboard stops showing the embeddings, writing:

No checkpoint was found.
Probable causes:

No checkpoint has been saved yet. Please refresh the page periodically.
You are not saving any checkpoint. To save your model, create a tf.train.Saver and save your model periodically by calling saver.save(session, LOG_DIR/model.ckpt, step).

So, what can be the reason for it, and how to fix it?

(the logdir folder isn’t empty)

So, it was fixed by itself and I don’t know exactly the reason for this bug. What I did - simply add a comment while trying to write vectors one more time and as a result when I refreshed the tab with tensorboard it found new embeddings and later written embeddings.