Tesnor operation with multiple condition indexing involving two tensors

I have tensors a_angle and b_angle each containing 0.0-1.0 values representing 0-360 degrees.

I want to prevent a case where distance between two points become larger than the actual distance due to the discontinuity around 0 degree.
To this end, I am addting or subtracting 1 (360 degree) when the distance between two points cross over 0.
I have the following code, but it is very slow.
Is there anyway to do this more efficiently? Perhaps I should use masks of indices or torch.where but not sure how to perform that computation in my use case.

for i in range(len(a_angle)):
        if b_angle[i] > 0.5 and  0.5 > a_angle[i] and b_angle[i]-a_angle[i] > 0.5:
            b_angle[i] = torch.add(b_angle[i], -1)
        elif a_angle[i] >0.5 and 0.5 > b_angle[i] and a_angle[i]-b_angle[i] > 0.5:
            a_angle[i] = torch.add(a_angle[i], -1)

You can use this code

condition1 = ((b>0.5) & (0.5>a) & ((b-a)>0.5))

condition2 = ((a>0.5) & (0.5>b) & ((a-b)>0.5))
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I did not know that you can pass conditions like that to a tensor. Let me give it a try! Thank you so much.

wroking like a charm. Thank you so much!!!

Can anyone help me to convert this code using pytorch tensor operation

import torch

outputs = torch.rand(3,5)
labels = torch.randint(0, 4, (3,))

def loss_swap(outputs, labels):
    _, predicted = outputs.max(0)
    correct = predicted.eq(labels)
    for i in range(correct.shape[0]):
        if correct[i].item() == False:
            c_index = labels[i].item()
            p_index = predicted[i].item()
            tmp1, tmp2 = outputs[i, p_index].item(), outputs[i, c_index].item()
            outputs[i, c_index] = tmp1
            outputs[i, p_index] = tmp2
    return outputs