Testing model for ImageNet Dataset

I want to train this model (Sequential-GCN-for-Active-Learning/load_dataset.py at master · razvancaramalau/Sequential-GCN-for-Active-Learning · GitHub) for the ImageNet dataset. I have already downloaded the dataset and added the following lines but It is giving errors and loading the ImageNet dataset from the root folder.

elif dataset == ‘imagenet’:
data_train = ImageNet(root=’./data/imagenet’, train=True, download=True, transform=train_transform)
data_unlabeled = MyDataset(dataset, True, test_transform)
data_test = ImageNet(root=’./data/imagenet’, train= False, download=True, transform=test_transform)
adden = 3000
no_train = NUM_TRAIN

What kind of error are you seeing? Could you post the stacktrace here by wrapping them into three backticks ```?