TestOperator expect files

Hello, I am trying to run the operator tests from pytorch/test/onnx there are 3 tests which are failing due to differences in the raw_data section of the corresponding expect files located in pytorch/test/onnx/expect I have recreated the files using the option to accept differences and have committed them to my repo, the tests now pass when running locally, but when executed on our CI machines I get failures again.
the failing tests are test_conv, test_convtranspose and test_embedding_bags.

Has anyone had issues with these tests in the past?

example raw data from expect file:

  • raw_data: "\264\314\344\275\017A\376\276\313\374&>J\266a\
  • raw_data: "\264\314\344\275\017A\376\276\313\374&>L\266a\

pytorch 1.0.0 built for ppc64le
have tried in python 3.6 and 2.7