Text recognisation in images

Hello guys, could any body have machine learning code in python for text recognization in the images, please share it

This ORC code is a few months old, but you could probably use it as a starter and update it if necessary.

Hello Ptrblck,

Thanks for the information, i could not able to find the pretrained weights , the file named train.pt not available, could you please update further on this if you have done this project.

python train.pt --test-init True --test-epoch 10 --output-dir <path_to_folder_with_snapshots>


Sorry, I’m not familiar with the repo, just found it as an OCR application.
There is an open issue asking also for pretrained weights, so it seems you would have to use your own or a public dataset.

Hello Ptrblck,

Thanks for the information and much apprciation for your help.