The c++ source code for torchvision.csrc.ops.nms.nms, where is it?

Greetings, smart people.

  1. as the title mentioned, I want to check the source code(c++) for the torchvision.csrc.ops.nms.nms.
  2. you may point out it is here:
    vision/torchvision/csrc/ops/nms.cpp at ba7ce61e1d1804771bd25343cc7bd4bfb6cb5b76 · pytorch/vision (
  3. yes, I have seen it. However, so far I have not found out the detailed implementation for this line of code:
    "static auto op = c10::Dispatcher::singleton()
    .findSchemaOrThrow(“torchvision::nms”, “”)
    return, scores, iou_threshold);
  4. what I actually want is the complete implementation of this “torchvision::nms”.
    Could you please give me any hint/clue? Thank you <3