Torch 0.2.0 regression

Upgrading to torch 0.2.0 has caused some problems.

When I try to use torch with spacy I get the following error ImportError: dlopen: cannot load any more object with static TLS

When I import them in this order import torch;import spacy the ImportError come from spacy and when I run it with import spacy;import torch the ImportError comes from torch.

My versions are torch (0.2.0.post3) and spacy (1.9.0)

This problem does not occur in my virtualenv that has `torch (0.1.11.post5) installed.

When will this be fixed? It has ground my development to a halt and I may need to revert to using an older version

I am investigating this actively.

In the meanwhile, you can install pytorch from source, and installing from source wont have this issue:

Sorry for the trouble, it is an issue that’s been hard to reproduce for me.