Torch 1.3.0.post2 published for MacOS but not other platforms in Pypi


It looks like WHL files for other platforms than MacOS haven’t ben published to and this creates issue for pip.



You can find the wheel for the other platforms at the 1.3.0 tag

We had some issues with the macos build and had to release a new set of binaries for it.

I know that because I’ve used 1.3.0 instead.
But if you use a package manager such as pip with a version indicator >=1.3, it considers 1.3.0.post2 as latest version and fails to get it so it fails to build.
Maybe it’d also better to release builds for all other platforms too in 1.3.0.pos2 tag to avoid it.

Good to know,

@smth do we want to release post2 versions of the other binaries?

TBH I think you have to deploy it in any case because here is what you get under Linux for now:

pip search torch
torch (1.3.0.post2) - Tensors and Dynamic neural networks in Python with strong GPU acceleration
LATEST: 1.3.0.post2

I’ve lost some time this morning because I thought I had made an error somewhere till I discovered the missing files on PyPi repo.
Thks again