Torch and pytorch both installed?

I created a conda environment using a provided .yml file on this repo.
However, when installing torchaudio , torch 1.5.1 was automatically installed and I needed pytorch 1.0.0 (required for the code). I ended up having

  • torch 1.5.1

  • pytorch 1.0.0
    on the same environment. Is his a problem? I think it is, because now I’m getting the following error when I execute the audio training:

    File “/home/fjaviersaezm/anaconda3/envs/infomax/lib/python3.6/site-packages/torchaudio/”, line 40, in

AttributeError: module ‘torch.jit’ has no attribute ‘ignore’

Can I uninstall torch 1.5.1? How can I solve the “ignore” problem?
Thanks guys!

torchaudio requires more recent version of torch, see dependencies. It appears the environment is looking at pytorch 1.0 and functionalities required by torchaudio are missing.