Torch asking me for a GPU

I upgraded my pytorch version and since then It is asking me for NVIDIA drivers for my computer for :
It didn’t ask me for those before and as I don’t a GPU and I am not running any code with .cuda() I don’t see why it is asking me for this …

Any idea ?


I tried to reinstall pytorch and torchvision but it keeps asking me for a nvidia gpu eventhough I don’t have a gpu and it was working without before …

Are you sure you are installing the correct package? If you have no NVIDIA GPU you must not install the PyTorch package for CUDA 8.0. For instance, if you are using pip and python 3.6, you should install PyTorch by running:

pip install 

I found the solution , apparently if I saved a model on a machine with .cuda() I have to open it with a machin which has a GPU, so I just needed to put .CPU() before saving it.