Torch autograd vs pytorch autograd

Is pytorch autograd a wrapper around torch autograd?

If yes, then is there active development happening around torch autograd? THe github repo does not show any recent commits going back a few months. plus no one answers the issues posted.

No, pytorch autograd is a complete re-write of torch autograd. Each one of them is maintained by different people.


Slightly offbeat but is the bottom layer of pytorch autograd written in torch? If yes then it might be worth exposing this version of autograd to people writing torch code.

No, it is all written in C++ / Python, so there is no Lua code involved, and it would be quite a lot of work to port it to Lua Torch


So the fact that pytorch is called py**torch** has nothing to do with lua’s torch modules?

It has nothing to do with Torch’s Lua modules. Torch7 itself consists of a Lua wrapper on top of a C backend, and PyTorch wraps the same C backend (which is still hosted in Torch7’s Github repository), along with a new C++ autograd engine, in a Python frontend.

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