Torch.distributed.broadcast failed when broadcast in multi GPUs in one machine

I try to broadcast a tensor(which is a scalar in practice) from rank0 to other ranks in a machine. But i found the tensor in rank1,2,3 not equals to rank0.


    if ddp.get_rank() == 0:
        fit_accurary = utils.AverageMeter()
        for batch_idx, (inputs, targets) in enumerate(testLoader):
            inputs, targets =,
            with torch.no_grad():
                outputs = model(inputs)
            predicted = utils.accuracy(outputs, targets,topk=(1,5))
            fit_accurary.update(predicted[1], inputs.size(0))

        if fit_accurary.avg == 0:
            fit_accurary.avg = 0.01

        if fit_accurary.avg >
            best_honey_state = copy.deepcopy(model.module.state_dict())
            best_honey.code = copy.deepcopy(honey)
   = fit_accurary.avg
        avg_acc = float(fit_accurary.avg)
        avg_acc = float(0)
    avg_acc = (torch.tensor(avg_acc, dtype=torch.float)).to(device)
    dist.broadcast(avg_acc, src=0)
    #avg_acc = utils.send_and_wait(r=0, data=[avg_acc])
    avg_acc = avg_acc.cpu().detach().numpy().item()
    return avg_acc


0.009999999776482582 rank0
-0.0011623682221397758 rank1
-0.0011623682221397758 rank2
-0.0011623682221397758 rank3

Unless avg_acc are already synced on rank1-3, otherwise it looks like rank0 has successfully broadcast to the other three ranks (so that they share the same value) and then the avg_acc was somehow modified afterwards before prints.

Can you try add a stream sync after broadcast and print immediately after that? Sth like:

dist.broadcast(avg_acc, src=0)

BTW, would I be correct that each process/rank exclusively occupies one device?