Torch model won't run on gpu

Hey everyone,

I have a problem that had been bothering me for some days now…
In the following code I have a model imported from lua, when I run forward with gpu=False the results are fine.
But when I use gpu=True, one of my models gives reasonable results and another one gives garbage.
Also, if I try to convert model and batch to double when I run on cpu the results are also bad.
If anyone has any idea of why this happens I would be very happy to get your help.


the code:

num_imgs = images_array.shape[0]

# convert into torch tensor
tensor_array = torch.from_numpy(images_array.astype(np.float64))
tensor_array = tensor_array.transpose(3, 1).transpose(3, 2)
_, ch, center_h, center_w = tensor_array.size()
new_centers = torch.zeros(num_imgs, ch, int(center_w/2), int(center_h/2))

# loading model and running forward
model = load_lua(model_path)
if gpu:

# running in batches
num_batches = int(num_imgs/batch_size)
for i in range(0,num_imgs,batch_size):
    if verbose:
        print('batch: ',i/batch_size,'/',num_batches)
    if i+batch_size <= num_imgs:
        cur_batch = tensor_array[i:i+batch_size, :, :, :].clone()
        cur_batch = tensor_array[i:, :, :, :].clone()
    cur_batch = cur_batch.float()
    if gpu:
        cur_batch = cur_batch.cuda()
    result = model.forward(cur_batch)
    new_centers[i:i+batch_size, :, :, :] = result.cpu()

# recreating output
new_centers = new_centers.transpose(3, 2).transpose(3, 1)
new_centers_np = new_centers.numpy()

# in case of a single image reduce a dimension
if len(images_array.shape) == 3:
    new_centers_np = np.squeeze(new_centers_np)

# removing model from GPU
del model
return new_centers_np