Torch version automatic update

Today, I found suddenly my torch version is 1.3.


I don’t know this is why.

My pytorch build from source, It can do automatic update ?

Hope get your reply.

The code after a release gets bumped to the next version counter.
I.e. if you build PyTorch from source after the 1.2.0 release, you’ll see a 1.3.0a0+commit version.
The same applies to the nightly builds, which will be named 1.3.0.devBUILDDATE.

Thank you to reply me very much!
From your answer, I know it, and first know what is nightly builds.
Finally, confirm one thing with you:
because I build torch from source(it isn’t stable), so torch can do nightly builds?
If I conda install stable through , torch will do not update.
Is this what I understand?
Thank you again!