TorchSeg -- Fast, modular reference implementation and easy training of Semantic Segmentation algorithms in PyTorch

(Ycszen) #1

Hi all,
We have released the TorchSeg.
In this repo, we will release the fast, modular reference implementation of semantic segmentation algorithms in PyTorch.
Now, this repo has implemented some state-of-art semantic segmentation algorithms: PSPNet, DFN, BiSeNet, PSANet.
More algorithms will be supported.


  • Modular Design: easily construct customized semantic segmentation models by combining different components.
  • Distributed Training: >60% faster than the multi-thread parallel method(nn.DataParallel), we use the multi-processing parallel method.
  • Multi-GPU training and inference: support different manners of inference.
  • Provides pre-trained models and implement different semantic segmentation models.