Torchvision datasets class_to_idx for datasets other than folder

So I noticed that in torchvision.datasets only the ImageFolder class actually has the member called

Is there a reason why this isn’t just hard-coded for the other datasets like MNIST, CIFAR and so on, so that one could readily use it for actually getting a class-string for all sorts of visualizations + confusion matrices?

It does seem a little inconvenient to go and manually define the list of all 100 classes for e.g. CIFAR-100.
Do you think this is something that could be added?

Please note that I am fairly new to the forum so if this is the wrong place to do ask for something like this, please feel free to give feedback. I wasn’t able to find anything in the forum guidelines on this topic.

EDIT: I am sorry, when going through the Git I just noticed:

forums: discuss implementations, research, etc.
GitHub issues: bug reports, feature requests, install issues, RFCs, thoughts, etc.

I am going to ask there