Trainable Variable in Loss Function and Matrix Multiplication

Hi, could you check the example with trainable-variable? I was thinking about two cases:

  • implementing a Linear layer without torch.nn.
  • implementing the Loss layer with learable parameter (ex. Center Loss where mean-center is trainable parameters).

Such stuff are easy in TesnotFlow, but I’m not sure if I coded it correctly in PyTorch

Here is the example of my try of implementing the Linear-Layer. I’m not sure if I should implement “parameters()” this or other. Or that maye PyTorch have a function which gather all trainable variable at single list.

Here is my try of using learnable variable in loss-function. It seems to work nice, but I’m not sure if I used the pytorch function correctly (as adding additional variable to optimizer) and as I want to one Loss applied to final layer and second to intermediate layer

Could you check if the idea of using PyTorch here is correct? Or I should change sth here.



There are some issues with your first script:

  • you need to define linear1 and linear2 as nn.Parameter instead of Variable, if not model.parameters() won’t see them
  • just for information, nn.Linear implements it as, weight.t(), as in torch7 BTW
  • you might want to divide the loss by the batch size, that’s what’s the default in pytorch

At a first sight, the second example looks fine to me. But note that you can do y.size(0) instead of y.size()[0]

I’ve implemented the same loss, however, the centers learned are nearly the same. I don’t know where is the problem.

I have implemented the center loss and it looks correct. See this repo @waitwaitforget @melgor

A more easily implenment of center loss.

class CenterLoss(nn.Module):

    def __init__(self,center_num,feature_dim):
        self.center_num = center_num
        self.feature_dim = feature_dim
        self.center_features = nn.Parameter(torch.Tensor(self.center_num,self.feature_dim))

    def forward(self,x,label):
        B = x.size()[0]
        center = torch.index_select(self.center_features,0,label)
        diff = x-center
        loss = diff.pow(2).sum() / B
        return loss

I had the same issue. My parameters learned are the same. Did you solve it and how? Thanks!