Training pruned network not implemented in nn.uitls.prune?


I have been working with nn.utils.prune and it seems to me that you cannot currently train those networks after pruning right? We set forward_pre_hooks which means that the forward pass is properly pruned but I do not see anywhere how it is made sure that backprop works. Is it true that this is not implemented? Would it not just work to set the backward_hooks as well? I read the tutorial and looked for other forum posts but I did not find any mention of retraining pruned networks anywhere.

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IIRC there is no need for backward hook as the pruning is done in a differentiable manner during the forward and so the autograd will give the right gradients.


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Thank you for your answer, and sorry for bringing back this topic. But here I thought if I pruned a model and then retrained it with backprop, we are calculating the backward gradient with original weights, and update original weights then mask them? Because I observed that “grad” is only avaliable in “weight_origi”, and those pruned weight is still updating in “weight_origi”. Is there any way to retrain the model as if the pruned weights do not even exist(i.e. not participate in forward inference and backward update)?

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Yes, you are still computing the gradients and updating the original weights. The only difference is that they are masked before being used.

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