Turn off dropout in RNN during training

I am currently freezing an RNN, which incorporates dropout, during the training. If I freeze the RNN, will that layer still use the dropout? If not, how do I also turn off the dropout?

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You can turn off the Dropout layer by calling .eval() of the layer or the model. If you want to freeze your parameters, you would have to set .requires_grad_(False) on the parameters.

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Sure. I did that. But what if I want to turn off dropout during training?

Just call eval on your Dropout layer not the whole model.

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You can also give a dropout probability of 0.0 (a float value), if you don’t want any dropout to be applied during training (i.e. so that it won’t zero-out some of the tensors)

See here: https://github.com/pytorch/examples/blob/master/word_language_model/main.py#L34