Tutorials for neural models related to the brain?

Here just asking for some advice. I’ll describe the situation below:


I work with neural networks mostly variations of CNNs (object detection and classification, and this type of tasks) and know linear algebra quite well. This is just to say: I would like to code some stuff (for example, neural nets that would explain conscious processes) and stop reading purely verbal theories of consciousness.

A bit of context

Probably some here are quite into the details, and maybe some have advice for someone trying to get started with the implementation of some models. What I have in mind is that there may be many theories for many processes: how the visual detection works, how each modality processes data and produces and output, how different areas communicate, and also how the whole thing happens (like IIT.) I assume there will be different levels of complexity, and I wonder what could be a good start given my background (maybe some specific architectures that are related to some specific conscious experience like visual experience?)

I wonder if some of you could give me some hints as to which types of architectures or models, or courses could I start, to get some hands on rather than keep reading so much stuff. The people I’m familiar with are Chalmer, Dennett, Blackmore and this type of philosophical/conceptual books but no hands on experience since this books do not implement their ideas.

I know about some theories like IIT, but I doubt it’s a good starting point.

Thanks !