Unable to add CUDA to CPATH

I’m following installation instructions at: https://rusty1s.github.io/pytorch_geometric/build/html/notes/installation.html

At part 2 of step 2, Add CUDA to $PATH and $CPATH (note that your actual CUDA path may vary from /usr/local/cuda ):

$ CPATH=/usr/local/cuda/include:$CPATH
$ echo $CPATH
>>> /usr/local/cuda/include:...

The above is what I’m supposed to see on echo. But I’m running this on Google colab, and an echo doesn’t show anything for me. Its like CPATH is empty. I’ve tried to use export to set the path as well. But still no luck. I’ve also checked that /usr/local/cuda exists.

Please advise.


Are yous ure that “/usr/local/cuda/include” is your own cuda path?