Unable to get pytorch 1.2.0 working with cuda 9.0

I have cuda 9.0, and I am trying to install pytorch 1.2.0 using the following:
pip3 install torch torchvision

However when I check torch.cuda.is_available() it returns false.
Checking torch.version.cuda returns 10.0.130 which tells me that it installed cuda10 version.

My question is, is there a way I can install pytorch 1.2.0 with cuda 9.0?
I have tried to look around but couldn’t find a way to do this.

On the https://pytorch.org/get-started/locally/ page it tells me to run the above pip3 command for cuda 9.0.

Per issue #24842, torch 1.2.0 does not come with the binaries for cuda 9.0. You would need to install it from source.