Updating pytorch versions?

Hi, a simple question, I currently installed PyTorch on my Mac from the website command: > conda install pytorch torchvision -c soumith , and I have a couple questions:

How do I check the current PyTorch version that has been installed, and secondly, I am seeing from the git repo that there have been some additions, (https://github.com/pytorch/pytorch/commit/c7c8aaa7f040dd449dbc6aca9204b2f943aef477), so I am confused as to what to do: Do I umm, clone the pytorch repo?.. or … re-install? … if I do clone, then how do I install?.. very confused as to what to do :-/


If you want to have a bleeding edge install, you need to build from source (see instructions in the README). If you upgrade the package it should update to the latest release (see tags on GitHub).

Thank you, and how do I explicitly check what my current PyTorch installation is/was? In tensorflow I would do tf.version

you can check via: conda list | grep pytorch

@Kalamaya, I wrote some notes about this here. See if they help making sense.

How can I check the version of pytorch if installed with pip?

I imported torch inside a python shell and ran the command torch.__version__ which displayed 0.1.12_2. Is that it?

EDIT: Can confirm that this is the correct way of finding your PyTorch version. After upgrading to 0.2.0, the same commands prints out '0.2.0_1'.