Use Network developed for Ubuntu on Windows

Hello there,

I want to train the PoseCNN network with my own synthetic images and depth data and I am using Windows 10 on my computer. I saw on the GitHub Readme of PoseCNN that the required environment is Ubuntu. So do I need to use a virtual machine with Ubuntu or should I use something like WSL? I am afraid that if I use a virtual machine the performance will be way worse.

I am very new to these topics so please don’t be mad if this question is incredibly stupid :slight_smile:

Thank you so much

Your question isn’t stupid and nobody will get mad at you for asking as we are here to help :wink:

I would probably use WSL2 and install the PyTorch binaries there to get the model running.

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You can get a Ubuntu image with cuda installed on Docker Hub and run the container on your Windows host machine. Remember to install the Nvidia Docker tool.