ValueError: 'label' is not in list

I was doing sentiment analysis,

import torch
from torchtext import data
from torchtext import datasets
import random
import numpy as np

SEED = 1234

torch.backends.cudnn.deterministic = True

TWEET = data.Field(tokenize = 'spacy', batch_first = True)
USERNAME = data.Field()
LABEL = data.LabelField(dtype = torch.float)

import pandas as pd
import os

train_data = pd.read_csv(r"D:\KONTOL\train.csv")

fields = {'tweet_text': ('tweet', TWEET), 'username': ('username', USERNAME), 'label': ('label',LABEL)}

train_data, valid_data, test_data = data.TabularDataset.splits(
                                        path = 'D:\KONTOL',
                                        train = 'train.csv',
                                        validation = 'valid.csv',
                                        test = 'test.csv',
                                        format = 'csv',
                                        fields = fields,
                                        skip_header = False

from the data that I scraped, I added a label column and its contents (positive and negative) to my data. but when I call the label column, it doesn’t read and finds the following error:

ValueError: 'label' is not in list

is there a way to solve it? any help is extremly appreciated

hey did you get the solution to this problem i have the same error