Variable vs Tensors

Variable vs Tensors.
This topic took too much time for me. And I’m still not understanding the difference between Pytorch Variables and Tensors. All I know is that Variables and Tensors are almost the same. The difference between them is that Tensors don’t have the concept of “gradients” whereas Variables do.
But First, I don’t understand what does the term “gradient” mean?
Could you explain it to me please ??

Hi, AFAIK, Variable is deprecated and now Tensorhas gradient. Check etc. or other official documents.


Thanks for repling me.
But could you explain what does gradient term mean please ??

If you want to train a neural network, you have to perform backpropagation. And backprop relies on updating parameters in the direction of the derivative of a loss value w.r.t the corresponding parameter.
Thus gradient in this term means this derivative.

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