Vector subscript out of range and other errors with Intel C++


I’m new in pytorch c++ and I try to run any project. I use VS2017 under windows 7 x 64 and intel compilers v19.0.

I downloaded precompiled libtorch for release and debug and creating a VS project.

there are some problems with creating any simple test project.

  1. with VS C++ toolchain compilers in Debug mode:
    runtime error : “vector subscript out of range”

  1. with Intel C++ toolchain compilers in any mode:

(2.a) in ArrayRef.h file, error : attribute does not apply to any entity
I have to comment it in order to compile with intel. (is it ok ?)

(2.b) the same error 1 with VS runtime is always present

(2.c) LNK2001 unresolved external symbol "const c10::intrusive_ptr_target::`vftable’

What am I doing wrong ?
Could somebody give a working VS2017 with Intel C++ compilers project, please ?

Thank you for your help

I got the same issue here with the exact same configuration, VS2017, windows 7 x64 and Intel compilers v19.0
Did you find a solution ?