Vector view of model parameters?

Is there a svelte way to obtain a vectorized view of the model parameters? Something that wouldn’t require a copy?

E.g. is there a way to concatenate the results of .view(-1) of all the parameters but for it to remain a view so no copy is done?

Thank you in advance.


you cannot do this for all model parameters, just because each parameter is on a separate storage. Concatenating them together will give you all of them together in a different storage (memory location).
This kind of flattening model parameters used to be a thing in (Lua)Torch, but we got rid of it.

What exactly is your use-case, maybe we can help find you a solution?

For something like LBFGS that needs a consistent single view, we have these helper functions, but they do things out of place (get a flattened view, then compute stuff, then push back gradients back):

Thank you for the code snippet. That is the solution that I settled upon but, yes, I wanted something like what you described as being present only in Lua torch.

My use case is that I added an optimizer that wants all the parameters in vector form (ported from Matlab). Just wanted to avoid the copies.

What I have works for now. Maybe, between projects, I’ll hit you guys with a pull request with an attempt to re-add this functionality.