Viewing MNIST on hyperplane like sphere instead of 2D plane?

Hi, any idea how can I check what project actually look like in hyperplane or hypersphere?

You can go up to three. Matplotlib can do it. Obviously you can’t see in anything higher. There are several dimensional reduction techniques used for data viz, like PCA, LLE, t-SNE, etc., all that have downsides stemming from the fact that the task is not well determined. Roughly what you want is that close points in high-dim stay close in the projection, and vice-versa for far-away points. This is what t-SNE does, but is randomized and returns different results given seed.

I don’t what exactly you are looking for.But according to me have a look at the link below
which will provide hyperplane for any datasets with simple change and have by default MNIST within itself.

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