Warning on MPS backends

Dear All,
This is my first post, so please accept my apology if my question is silly.
I am running PyTorch on MacBook Pro M2 Max and I am getting the following warning:
UserWarning: The operator ‘aten::nonzero’ is not currently supported on the MPS backend and will fall back to run on the CPU. This may have performance implications. (Triggered internally at /Users/runner/work/pytorch/pytorch/pytorch/aten/src/ATen/mps/MPSFallback.mm:11.)
nonzero_finite_vals = torch.masked_select(
I am afraid that I am not able to use the full potential of MPS on my system.
I appreciate your help regarding this issue.


nonzero support was added in this PR and seems to be supported for macOS>=13.0 so you might need to update your PyTorch installation.