What do the below counts mean?

Hi, I’m digging at the pytorch dataloder.py file and wanted to understand what send_idx and rcvd_idx mean ?

WHat I understand is send_idx is the index of the next item from the sampler to be sent to the workers so that a worker can fetch this particular index from dataset and write the data into the data queue / worker_result_queue.

For rcvd_idx, what I understand is that this is the index of the item that the worker has just fetched and this indicates the index that is returned from the __next__ method of the dataloader class.

Therefore, send_idx is incremented for every index that the worker fetches from the sampler and adds to its index queue to process.
rcvd_idx is incremented when the next_data method is called from the __next__ method where in the worker is returning this as the next batch.

Any help would be appreciated !